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Plane Crash

Photos: WORLD HISTORY; An Airplane which disappear and landed 37 years later

THE WORLD'S HISTORY! An aircraft that vanished and then surfaced 37 years later

The majority of us have heard tales of enigmatic events like the Bermuda triangle and others. However, this has been documented in several historical accounts.

Pan American Flight 914 flew from New York to Miami, Florida, on July 2, 1955. The 57-passenger plane took off without incident but was reported missing 3 hours after it should have arrived at its destination.

When the New York control tower was contacted by air traffic control, they received the unusual response that Flight 914 had suddenly vanished from radars in midair. When the aircraft was declared missing, an investigation was immediately launched. The fact that the plane flew over a portion of the Atlantic Ocean and left no traces behind was the sole explanation for its disappearance.

Later, it was reported that Pan American Flight 914 had crashed, killing all of the occupants—passengers, flight attendants, and pilots.

On September 9, 1992, 37 years later, something peculiar occurred in Caracas, Venezuela when air traffic controller Juan de la Corte noticed an odd dot on the radar that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. In less than ten minutes, the DC-4 McDonnell Douglas passenger aircraft—an outdated model plane to fly given its advanced age—became a sight to behold that drew everyone's attention. The true confusion started when the pilot of the enigmatic plane made contact with the airport control tower and enquired in English as to their location.

On July 2, 1955, the pilot announced that they would touch down at Miami International Airport at 9:55 a.m.

Air traffic control Juan de la Corte informed the pilot that they were actually in September 9, 1992, after the airport gave the plane permission to land. This confused the pilot, and he eventually started the engine without getting permission to take off. The enigmatic aircraft fled the airfield before disappearing once more, and it hasn't been seen since.

This article was published in newspapers, but because the passengers were not visible, it was seen as fake news because there was little proof to support it. A 1955 calendar found near the area where Flight 914 landed served as the only tangible proof of the landing. Please let us know in the comments if you really think that.

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