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Road Accident

After A Car Plunges Into A River, A Teenage “Hero” Saves An Officer And Three Girls From Drowning

One Mississippi youngster who displayed outstanding bravery and fast thinking saved the lives of three other teenagers and a police officer, avoiding a terrible night from turning tragedy, once said, "Not all heroes wear capes."

A car carrying three teenage girls crashed into the Pascagoula River on the evening of July 5, 2022, according to Corion Evans, who was about to leave for home after attending a gathering with friends.

He quickly took off his shirt and shoes, tossed his phone aside, and dove in to save them.

They drove directly beneath the sea, the 16-year-old subsequently informed WLOX. Like, there was very little of the car that was still above water.

Evans' ability to maintain composure even as the car sank further and further is truly admirable, and the courageous teen was able to maintain his composure long enough to save each of the girls one at a time.

""I can't allow any of these folks die," I thought.

"They must leave immediately. Evans said, "I just started getting them. He said, "I wasn't thinking about anything else."

However, Evans' efforts to save the girls were not made in vain. After safely bringing one girl to shore, Evans saw that a nearby police officer had also entered the water to aid. Evans' hope quickly turned to panic, however, as he saw that the cop appeared to be in danger of drowning while trying to swim with one of the girls to safety.

When I turned around, I could see the officer struggling to keep above water while submerging and gasping for air. When I start going again, that is, Evans subsequently told MSNBC.


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