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R5 Billion That Was Supposed to Help Equip Youth with Skills Disappeared


R5 Billion That Was Intended To Help Give Youth Skills Vanished

This is a very strange thing to have happened, but it is not completely unexpected of the government of this country because these things are not uncommon. R5 billion worth of funds that were supposed to help equip South Africa's youth with essential skills have miraculously vanished at National Skills Fund.

It is just one of those situations where we constantly wonder when there will be another controversy because it is something that we witness as citizens who stand by and watch as the government officials and their leaders who are in power make a mockery of the system.

These people made numerous promises that they never kept, which has caused a terrible scenario in the nation where the average citizen is sadly left in a position where they can't fully live the life they had envisioned.

However, the reality is quite different. People seem to be suffering at every turn, which has led to a state of desperation among the populace, which leads to them preying on one another. We're talking about a situation where people are working, we have a very low unemployment rate, and crime is also very low.

This comes after Scopa rejected Blade Nzimande's request to keep the National Skills Fund forensic report under wraps. The continued misuse of public funds by state officials ought to be criminally prosecutable.

Given that these state officials are people who are accountable for ensuring that the nation is headed in the right path, the question of why it is not penalized by imprisonment still persists. For all of the members who reside within the nation, but we learn that this is also not the case, leading many individuals to wonder about the direction the nation is taking.

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