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4 Strangest Places Scientists Cannot Explain


These are complete mysteries, locations so bizarre that science cannot explain them.

There are still some areas on the planet that defy explanation, logic, and experimentation, and while we don't claim these are proof of aliens' existence, we are captivated by them.

1. Namibia's Fairy Circles

The image above depicts a field of grass that is frequently interrupted by circular areas where nothing will grow.

The circles range in diameter from 10 to 65 feet and stretch for over a thousand miles. Scientists are baffled as to what causes it. Not only are they unable to explain what causes the circles, but they are also unable to answer even the most fundamental queries, such as why they are more or less uniformly spaced.

2. The Taos Hum

Humming is a constant for Taos, New Mexico people. Taos people have described a continual, incessant buzzing noise that pervades the entire town and drives them near to insanity since the 1990s.

For almost 20 years, investigators have been unsuccessful in locating the source of the vexing sound.

3. Minnesota's Devil's Kettle

The Brule River splits along a rock outcrop at some point along its course. Half of it flows on to Lake Superior, while the other half falls through a hole to nowhere.

Because it has to end someplace, the belief has always been that it travels via a network of underground tunnels until it emerges somewhere near the lake. However, scientists have never discovered where this is.

4. The Hessdalen Lights

Night after night, residents of Norway's Hessdalen Valley have seen streaks of light. Strange lights arise in the sky, dancing in patterns and flashing in various colors. Science has confirmed that the Hessdalen Lights exist, but no one knows what creates them.

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