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JUST IN: A baboon is on the loose | South Africans share videos from East rand, JHB and Daveyton

JUST IN: A baboon is on the loose! South Africans share videos from East rand, JHB and Daveyton

Trigger warning: Animal content.

Animals and humans, just like any other natural things are intrinsically connected. Theology and other various scientific studies have proposed that humans are actually animals.

These kinds of theories and concepts can be directed back to the human evolution. An interesting article was published by human origins on this specific field of study.

You can read the article down below:

Still and so, animals have their own physical locations that they are suppose to inhabit. Usually, away from places inhabited by human being. Obviously, this excludes domestic animals.

There are reasons for this, some animals can be wild and dangerous. It is because of this, that people should be alerted if there is a possibly dangerous animal on the loose.

Recently, Johannesburg residents are reporting that they are seeing a baboon in their residential areas.

Thato shared a video of the monkey literally jumping from one house to the next. You can watch the video here:

Later on, some information was discovered about the baboon through a Facebook post. Its name is Elon. Furthermore, people were warned to not approach him as he is a wild animal. Also, people must not feed him not attack him.

Animal brutality is wrong.



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