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The eye of God as seen from the planetary Nebula using the Spitzer Space Telescope. See picture here

The Eye of God.

Where would we be without science and technology. Many believed that the earth was flat before advancements in science and technology.

Things like space and other planets was also something that no one ever thought of. But now each and everyday there is a team of scientists in every country studying what is beyond our own planet.

There is an image from the Spitzer Space Telescope shows infrared light coming from the well-studied Helix Nebula, Helix Nebula , NGC 7293 or God’s Eye Nebula. The image is called the eye of God.

This is a planetary nebula in the constellation Aquarius, which about 680 light-years away. Apparently it is one of the closest to Earth and was discovered by Karl Ludwig Harding in 1824.

Space is quite beautiful and inspirational but at times makes us question our beliefs. We now wonder where heaven and all the Angels live. I guess we have to die to find an answer to that question.


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Aquarius Earth Helix Nebula The Eye of God


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