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Checkout The GMO Chicken Being Reared By Israeli Farmers (Photos)

Israeli scientists have developed a chicken prototype without skin or feathers, enabling it to adapt to higher temperatures and be healthier, grow more quickly, and produce less waste. No resources would be utilized to dispose of the feathers since they wouldn't be created.

Their wild predecessors most likely only laid a few dozen eggs annually, but contemporary layers have undergone extensive genetic engineering to increase their egg production to 300 or more each year.

A meat chicken now weighs around three kilos on average, which is about twice as much as a bird from 60 years ago. When a bird in the 1950s may take up to fifteen weeks to achieve adulthood, they do so in approximately six weeks.

These chickens' eggs now include human proteins as a result of scientific modification. So that their offspring would be born with more protein, they altered their DNA.

When more traditional cancer treatments have failed, protein-based cancer medications like Herceptin and Avastin may be useful. Both the immune system and the body's injured tissues gain from this. They employ hens that have been injected with human DNA.

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