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Uncommon insects and animal foods that Venda people eat | OPINION

Venda people are a tribe in South Africa situated in the northern province (Limpopo). They speak Tshivenda language and according to research they originated from Zimbabwe, Congo and Mozambique. The Vhavendas eat a lot of insects that other cultures don't eat. Some of them looks scary but they eat them. 

1. worms

There is a variety of worms, some consumable and some are not. The common type of worms that many people eat is the mopane worms, however venda people also eat different worms including the ones that feed on sweet potato leaves. 

2.  Locusts and grasshoppers 

These are insects that feed mainly on grass. They hunt for them in the grasses. They have the best taste ever and if you taste them you'll probably ask for more.

3. Termites species

In Tshivenda termites are called 'madzhulu'. They are commonly found in yards and houses where soil moisture and wood are plentiful. They can bite you but when cooked they have the best taste ever. 

4. Bugs 

What they call 'Thongolifha' in Tshivenda forms part of bugs that you can eat. They are so in common to other cultures though some do eat them. These kind of bugs smells bad but venda people don't mind they go for the taste. 

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