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NDZ ordered to reveal the reasons behind decisions taken by the Govt, during Covid-19 lockdowns

Co-operative governance and traditional affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has been ordered to reveal the reasons behind decisions taken by government during Covid-19 lockdowns. I hope she is asked to provide those reasons in person not to consult Mr. Mazzotti. Kanjani ngoba reasons were provided the ones they want azokhalela abanye the president and council, they are the only ones who had authority to release that information. She is the one who made recommendations that people's businesses must be closed because of flu. 

It's going down for these old people,

They should consider retirement already.

The whole ANC should just take a bow. Reasons verified and validated by which medical scientists? Remember when they even went as far as planning regulations on what me, and you will be required to wear, as if they were subsidizing us?

It's now time that these old age home materials really head for it. Is a simple answer, drinking cause you fall down and get misbehave and don't put masks, some lose mind. Smokers course lung disease which COVID-19 was causing, double barrel was going to make matters worse. No gogo here. She wants to be the leader of a country whose populace is mostly youth. Can someone please advise her to retire. She has been there, done that, but she has no progressive footprints one can point. I don't think anyone ever alleged that. I also don't think WHO made any such specific recommendations. 

Amazing how much misinformation there still is in circulation. Time! I remember her declaring that the CIGS economy goes on, through illicit trading, Some said she had pals in the cig trade. And if she doesn't? 

If she does what ANC always does and postpones with appeals and obfuscation, whilst laughing behind their hand? And she must tell us why municipalities are failing our people, why do our people not getting services, and she is quiet. She was on a power trip, remember? She would rather not listen to anybody. But allowed her family to make gigantic profits from smuggling cigarettes. How many individuals died when consuming homemade alcohol? An absolute disgrace of a politician. 

Someone said on Twitter that, Strongly agree. She's such an arrogant woman, but it's maintaining the corrupt ANC. They still callously look on as their people suffer and then have the nerve to say the country won't survive without them in power. 


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