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Always Place A Rubber Band On Door Knob When Alone, Here's Why

It may appear like you are squandering all of your money and time by keeping your property. There are, however, easy ways to finish the job using basic home items. Here are a few quick fixes.

1. To fix loose screws, use nail polish.

Apply a thin layer of transparent nail polish to a screw that isn't holding. As a consequence, the nail polish will stick to the fracture and gap, securely anchoring the screw.

2. Remove carpet dents using ice cubes

Ice may be used to remove dents from carpets, which is difficult to believe. Place ice cubes in the depression and let them to melt naturally. When the ice cubes melt, the carpet strands may expand and restore their original structure. Finally, use the edge of a spoon to lift the sad carpet strands.

3. To remedy noisy doors, spray them with cooking spray.

An old door that readily creaks irritates everyone in the household. To solve this problem, you can use cooking spray. Simply spray a small amount on the door hinge, and the noise will be gone the next time you open it.

4. Keep a door open with a rubber band.

A rubber band can be used to keep a door slightly ajar. Make a "X" with a rubber band around the doorknob, with just enough of an intersection to hold the latch in place. You may enter the room with a simple push rather than having to empty your hand to open the door when you get home with a bag full of groceries.

5. Make a Funnel Out Of Aluminum Foil

You can't seem to find a funnel to pour juice into a little bottle? A piece of aluminum foil might be used to address the problem. Simply wrap the flexible foil into a cone shape as an alternative, and you won't have to wash it afterwards.

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