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Video: Gogo Maweni says after sleeping with a man take his used protection and bring it to her

Dr. Gogo Maweni is a well-known consultant, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and television personality. Maweni has already admitted to practicing witchcraft and claimed her supernatural powers, as seen by this declaration.

According to folklore, she was enchanted after her baby daddies failed to pay child support. For her luxurious lifestyle and herbal products, Maweni has a loyal following. She is best known for her herbal and jewelry store, Maweni Chakra Online. Gobela Maweni appears on Impande Ye Zulu's Facebook profile, according to the information there. Even though she is only a minor television star in her native South Africa, she has amassed a large and loyal fan base.

Every time Gogo Maweni gains a following, there is a reason for it. SK Khoza became an internet star after it was revealed that she had used Muthi on him to make him behave in public like he does, beating up people and engaging in various unlawful crimes. After being accused of failing to pay Gogo Mawen's child support, SK Khoza claimed to be able to ensnare someone.

The fact that Gogo Maweni is both a witch and a healer has led many to question her abilities as a traditional healer. Because of this, individuals were concerned and feared for their safety.

Her social media article on how to dispose of men's used protection after a sexual encounter has gone viral. Twitter user Nolwazi Mnisi recommends that you turn on your protection after reading Gogo Maweni. In the event that Nolwazi's video of Gogo Maweni, the woman who says she can curse your boyfriend's luck turns out to be true, he will lose everything that's going well for him, including his career and your relationship.


Fans are concerned that Gogo Maweni went too far in suggesting that this woman is harsh. An ongoing debate has been sparked by this video. Since she was left pregnant and abandoned by SK Khoza, she's been acting in a way that suggests she's on a mission to avenge those men. Since his actions have caused so much pain, SK Khoza should be forgiven and forgotten.

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