Here is how much South Africa made out of Zimbabwe and Mozambique last year

One Zimbabwean journalist by the name of Hopewell Chin'ono said Zimbabwe is exporting everything from South Africa including toilet papers. Zimbabwe don't have enough industries to produce most of their consumer goods because it is difficult to make business in that country with its laws like Indigenous (Put Zimbabweans First). A couple of years Mugabe prohibited Zimbabweans from importing things from South Africa and this led to the outcry from the people in Musina whose customers is mainly Zimbabweans





2021 SA Export Total value: R65 billion - Mozambique  R43,5 billion - Zimbabwe  The South African Government has done a poor job explaining to Afriphobs how important Mozambique and Zimbabwe are in keeping the South African economy going.

Though this upset some South Africans. They quickly ridiculed the tweet saying South Africa is not exporting anything to neighboring Countries. South Africans are not benefit anything from these countries except being burdened by Foreigners.


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