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Huawei sales banned from the US

The Biden administration has banned approvals of new telecommunications equipment from China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE because they pose an unacceptable risk to United States (US) national security. China must just do one job which is to stop manufacturing iPhone and let America do it for themselves when we say Americans are bullies, a lot of people disagree but now we all see because when they see a competition they ban them. But if it was Russia doing so they were going to organize all countries to gang up on RussiaThey cannot stop China now it's too late China is now capable of making its own microchips and everything even though it is not as good as those of US, the west want to continue to dominate the world militarily, technologically and economically that is why I do not like the west so much. But the problem with India is that labour will cost more and their products might not be as good as those from China, the transition is just too soon and I don't think India is much capable as China at the moment, Iphone might face too many problems and backlash from its users

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