Statues of Oliver Tambo and Winnie Mandela in Mpumalanga. Check them if you Don't know them

Two statues of late South African icons, Oliver Tambo and Winnie Mandela, have been discovered in Mpumalanga. People were surprised to see them when pictures were shared on social media because they never knew about them before. For people who want to check for themselves, they are actually located at Embalenhle, Kamaleleza Raisibe Gardens. Others have had an amusing time with them.


As they have expressed their emotions in the comment section, Some even dragged Rasta, who is a painter, saying that many people find his artwork amusing. Some people are already complaining about the amount of money spent on making the two statues. It is reported in the media post that the government has approved R15 million.

Citizens are a bit unhappy with the final product and with that amount. They would have done a better job explaining how it is possible to spend 15 million rands on two statues and that is why people are complaining in the comment section about the budget. It does look like more than what should have been approved and maybe the other money has to be spent on other indirect process to make it happen.


But from how Twitter investigators are not happy with it, they would want to know who was part of the process to approve the amount and how much the person who did it got paid how much. How are people going to visit the place to see the statues while other people who should be proud of them are not happy? What is going to happen when tourists visit the place and find something they do not find great?


People in the country are already dissatisfied and it is likely that they would be dissatisfied if they had to spend time in the statues with their children. How are people going to take pictures and have a special moment when it is coming from a place that is not good for them? There are a lot of things that the government has approved but people are still not entirely happy with them. This is a problem and people will not stop dragging anyone within the government anytime soon.

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